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What is Commercial Mortgage

If you are planning to enter a new business venture or planning to buy a commercial property and getting nightmares about the funding and financial borrowing then worry not, as I am here to help you with your commercial mortgage needs.

Why a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage can be used to fund your business premises. It gives you a new strategic direction through convenient payment options.

When you shop for a commercial mortgage, the repayments can be structured either with fixed or variable interest rate payments. Even more than that, commercial property mortgages offer lower interest rates.

So here are the two major advantages of a commercial mortgage.

Lower interest rates – Commercial property mortgages open up new saving opportunities as they typically have lower interest rates than other unsecured borrowing.

Financial planning – In a Commercial mortgage payment plan, the borrower usually has the flexibility to extend the payments for a number of years and so the business would have an ample time to focus on other crucial matters.

We are highly experienced professionals in the commercial mortgage space and all our solutions provided cover all types of commercial property.

Whatever be the type of the business premises you are looking forward to set-up, we have an extensive experience in finding commercial mortgage for niche industries such as hotels, health clubs, restaurants and lounges, schools and educational institutions etc.

Whether you want to kick start your first startup or expand your business setup, we are there to help you with all your financing needs! Our extensive expertise can help eliminate the need for complex interest rate borrowing. We align your interests and business objectives in the best manner and help you find custom fit commercial mortgage solutions.

Why choose use for your commercial mortgage ?

We understand the limitations set by banks and other financial institutions at times and so we strive to offer you much broader and flexible mortgage options and rates. We can shop your commercial mortgage to many major lenders in Canada and fortunately we are dealing with Canadian lenders whom businesses have trusted for generations.

We provide professional advice to all the sectors and industries and we have access to lenders who only deal with mortgage specialists. You end up getting added choice and flexibility with your borrowing needs and this is how we work hard in helping build value for all business owners.